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Having graduated Webster University in May 2018 with a BA in Film Production, I work professionally as a producer and editor for HEC Media and STL Made, and as the resident videographer and editor for the dance company Consuming Kinetics Dance Company.

Looking ahead, I aim to continue producing short and long-form documentary stories, but also to deconstruct film and video as mediums by extracting and isolating sound, light, image, and performance, and interconnecting them in new, challenging ways. My thematic focus rests primarily on ritual movement and abstract sound as a gateway to spiritual understanding; examining the divide (and bridging the gap) between people, nature, and animals, by rejecting the hierarchy established by white supremacy and accessing empathy for everything around us; the connection to others through expression beyond language; and the subjectivity of truth, and how its flimsiness operates as both a weakness and a strength.


My writing experience includes narrative/educational scriptwriting, copywriting, copyediting, and short essays.

As a producer, I've worked with short-form documentary stories and half hour interviews.

As a director and assistant director, my experience lies in short narrative, experimental, and documentary films.

As an editor, I've worked as an assistant editor and lead editor with public media programming and independent narrative short films.

Most importantly, I like to ask questions and experiment with new ideas and new approaches to multi-media creation.

Familiar softwares include Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

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Self-Portrait, 2017


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